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You won’t find any group of people who respect business owners more than business coaches do! The reason for this is business coaches respect the firsthand knowledge business owners have of every aspect of their businesses – from the people who work for them to the processes that help them deliver their products and services.

Still, that amount of knowledge can lead to stress and frustration. The better you know your business, the more you notice what’s not working the way it should. That’s why Brian Tracy’s style of business coaching leverages your own ability to see those problems. Our FocalPoint Business Coaches work with you to pinpoint the bottleneck and develop a solution.

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Here are 5 types of business knowledge that can help you see problems – and look for the solutions.

Typical Mates & Focal Points I am not sure if the notion of focal points has been used before in chess literature, but the place where I first encountered it and where it continues to meet new readers, was in Vladimir Vukovic’s famous book Art of Attack in Chess, which is considered by many to be the best book ever written about attacking chess. Brian Tracy”s Focal Point. Your ability to determine where you put the “X” in each part of your life is the critical determinant of everything that you accomplish, or fail to accomplish. This “X” is your Focal Point. Your Focal Point is the one thing that you can do, at any given moment, to get the very best result possible for you in that area.

Knowledge of your organization

As a business owner, you should know how every component of your business fits together. From your production department to your financial experts to your salespeople, every group contributes its own kind of work to your company’s overall goals. Understanding how each section of your business moves you toward those goals can help you restructure areas of your business for greater efficiency, and redesign the tasks each group specializes in, in order to work around roadblocks your business is facing.

Knowledge of your people

You should know why every one of your employees is working for you, what they do, and how they’re necessary to your business. Hopefully, you haven’t just been hiring people without calculating exactly what value they’ll be adding to your organization. At the same time, it’s important to see each employee not just seen as an asset, but as an individual with dreams and goals, and with skills and potential that can be unlocked to solve problems and increase the value of your company as a whole.

Knowledge of your processes

Here’s the real nuts and bolts of your business – the means by which you manufacture products, provide services, and deliver your offerings to customers. A solid understanding of these processes can help you eliminate inefficiencies in your manufacturing or delivery systems, innovate new ways to deliver your products or services, and think up new ways of making your processes sleeker, smoother, and more effective at generating profits.

Knowledge of your market

It’s crucial to know all about your competitive landscape – not just who your competitors are, but how they differentiate themselves in the marketplace. This will help you figure out what makes you different from the competition, so you can use those key differences in your marketing. You should also stay on the lookout for effective marketing – from advertising and promotions to sales and customer experiences – and look for ways to adapt those techniques into your own market strategy.

Knowledge of your customers

Not every business owner knows exactly who their ideal customer is – but you should. By now, you should know where this person lives, what they enjoy doing, what they do for a living, and why they buy products in your category, as well as why some of them by from your competitors instead of you – so you can target them based on all those traits. On an individual level, you should be recognizing your highest-value customers, and cultivating stronger relationships with them.

The best part is when you start, and you start to see the effects of your hard work (literally) paying off, then you’ll have the bug. And you’ll want to keep on working at this even when you are in a good financial situation. So, it’s time to go forth and see what kind of changes you can make to your financial life. This is the year i put my financial life in order pdf free download. To enable screen reader support, press Ctrl+Alt+Z To learn about keyboard shortcuts, press Ctrl+slash. More rows at bottom. Quotes are not sourced from all markets and may be delayed up to 20 minutes. Information is provided “as is” and solely for informational purposes, not for trading purposes. This is the Year I Put My Financial Life in Order – Kindle edition by Schwartz, John. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading This is the Year I Put My Financial Life in Order. Better organize my finances, so this year I’ve started saving to buy a house (to con-tribute to my retirement, to eliminate debt, and so on). In keeping with this new goal, this holiday I’ve had to institute financial boundaries and will be reducing the amount I spend on gifts this year. I hope you will support me in achieving my goal.”. In reality, financial planning can be learned, like anything else. Part financial memoir and part research-based guide to attaining lifelong security, This Is the Year I Put My Financial Life in Order is the book that everyone who has never wanted to read a preachy financial guide has been waiting for.

Once you’ve acquired these 5 types of knowledge about your business, this deep understanding of your organization, your people, your processes, your market, and your customers – you’ll start to see the solutions you’re looking for.


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A Proven System to Simplify Your Life, Double Your Productivity and Achieve All Your Goals

If you are like most people, you are overburdening yourself with tasks that do not bring you significant results.

It is time that you change that.

Who Should Read “Focal Point”? And Why?

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“Focal Point” is a book that teaches readers about the significance of focus and choosing one’s activities carefully.

Not everything you do in your life brings you closer to your goal, and if you want to live up to your true potential, it is important that you realize what these activities are and eliminate them from your life.

We recommend this book to all readers that feel like they are working hard, but not getting any results, as well as to those who want to simplify their professional life and make some more time for actual living.

About Brian Tracy

Brian Tracy is a writer, a speaker and a consultant with vast experience in business, economics, and psychology.

“Focal Point PDF Summary”

Let us tell you a story.

Once upon a time (well not that long ago actually) a particular nuclear power plant faces some technical problems.

These problems reduced the efficiency of the operation and the energy generation of the plant.

Naturally, everyone was worried.

The scientists and engineers working on the plant tried to figure out what the problem was, but without much success.

Finally, severely worried, the top management of the plant decided to outsource the problem to one of the top consultants on the topic in the country.

The expert came to the plant and walked around scribbling and taking down notes in his notebook.

By the end of the second day he had found the source of the problem: he climbed up a ladder and with a black marker x-ed one of the gauges on the plant.

After he left, the workers on the plant followed his recommendation to fix the part he marked, and in no time the plant was back to functioning in its full capacity.

A few days later the plant manager got the bill from the consultant. He asked for $ 10,000 for his services.

What? Just for placing one simple X? He must be crazy.

That is exactly what the manager thought, and he asked for the consultant to break down his price, believing it is illogical.

Soon he got the reply.

“For placing “X” on the gauge: $1.00. For knowing where to place the “X”: $9,999.”

It is a fun story, isn’t it?

But, it is much more than just fun – it teaches you to the most important concept to reaching success in your work and your life: knowing where to place the X.

Pinpointing the problems that undermine your voyage to achieving your full potential is everything!

It does not matter what aspect of life we are talking about. In each situation, you are doing things that are slowing you down or keeping you back from achieving your goals.

In order to do anything in life, you have to be clear about what you want and where you want to be. Only then you can focus your efforts and energy to achieve that.

By visualizing the end goal clearly, you will be able to much more easily determine a set of steps that will get you there.

And even more importantly, you will be able to recognize the things you do and do not bring you any actual benefit and eliminate them from your experience.


When it comes to reaching your goals, you have to find your focal point.

You can focus your energy much better if you add more things that take you toward your goal and simplify and eliminate the rest.

Use what you've got pdf free download. Just think about your current life and ask yourself which things can be simplified, or even eliminated. That way you will be able to work the same amount of time, or even less, and double and even triple your results.

Of course, in order to be able to have more time for yourself you need to learn how to leverage. In other words, success can be only achieved if you look at it as a collective endeavor.

It is impossible for you to know everything and to have all the needed skills for a certain thing.

So, you have to learn how you can use other people’s time, money, skills, knowledge, and ideas in a way that can help you reach your goals.

And, let’s not forget the most crucial point of success: you have to take responsibility for your life and your actions.

What sets apart truly successful people from all the rest is their sense of personal responsibility.


Because when you are pointing the finger at other people or external circumstances, you are not only avoiding responsibility but you are also giving away your power and control over your life.

And only when you are in control, you can get where you want to be, and you can stop waiting for things to happen, and go and do them yourself.

Key Lessons from “Focal Point”

1. The Four Steps to a Focused Life
2.Double Your Results and Free Up Your Time
3. The Seven Rs of Simplification

The Four Steps to a Focused Life

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There are four ways you can approach leading a more focused life. You can do more of particular things and do less of others.

You can start doing entirely new things that you have not been doing so far. And lastly, you can eliminate some things from your experience altogether.

Double Your Results and Free Up Your Time

It is possible that you do less work and have better results.

First, you need to identify which tasks and everyday actions contribute to your results the most.

Then, focus on these tasks and delegate the ones that do not affect your productivity as much.

Stop spending all your time working, and take a day off, on which you will focus solely on your personal life and yourself.

When you become comfortable with taking one day off, do not stop there! Instead, expand it, take two days, and then maybe three.

Opt for coming to a point when you take a three-day vacation every two or three months.

And lastly, do not forget to assess your activities regularly, in order not to fall into the trap of doing things that do not contribute to your results again.

The Seven Rs of Simplification

Focal Point PDF Free Download

You can simplify your life by utilizing the seven Rs: rethinking, reevaluating, reorganizing, restructuring, reinventing, reengineering, and regaining control.

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“Focal Point Quotes”

The acceptance of personal responsibility is what separates the superior person from the average person. Click To Tweet

PointToday you are paid for accomplishments, not activities. You are paid for outcomes rather than for inputs, or the number of hours you work. Click To TweetJust as the focused energy in a laser beam cuts through steel, your ability to choose the most vital element of any situation will enable you to perform at extraordinary levels in any endeavor. Click To Tweet

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For most people, money means freedom, one of the highest of human values. Click To TweetAll you need is the desire to change, the decision to take action, the discipline to practice the new behaviors you have chosen, and the determination to persist until you get the results you want. Click To Tweet

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“Focal Point” is a book with a simple premise, that will make you rethink how you do things and show you the right path to achieving greatness.

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